Sophies Breath

This rare Sativa strain (70% Sativa and 30% Indica) is a cross between Mendo Breath F2 and Sophisticated Lady. Sophies Breath is said to be the sweetest strain among all Breath strains. This highly aromatic cannabis bud is rich in sweet berry taste with notes of earthy and vanilla. The cerebral high of this marijuana strain usually works fast, already starting to make its effects known almost immediately after the first inhale. The cerebral high may feel like an energetic surge giving way to creativity and focus. With a stimulating mood-enhancing high coupled with pain-alleviating effects, you may go about your day with an elevated optimistic positive energy. This cannabis bud is recommended for well-seasoned users.

Lifted Euphoria
Sophies Breath may rush to your mind with a burst of pure euphoria that may elevate your spirits with stimulating energy. You may experience a warming rush of creativity bringing your mind into a more inspired and focused state. A stimulating motivation might draw you into productivity or artsy projects.

The mood-enhancing properties of this weed strain might create such a comforting positive vibration that negative thoughts and feelings fade to the side. You may notice that worries in your mind and anxious sensations are replaced by happy feelings that create an overall state of calmness and ease.

Full-Body High
The physical high of Sophie’s Breath usually delivers sedative effects with a relaxing comfort to it. Depending on the dosage you consume, the sedative effects of this weed bud can be more intense. Generally, with a moderate dosage, it is unlikely for your body to feel weighed down by a couch-lock effect. Instead, users report feeling relief from tensions and other physical aches and also ease in movement with a boost of energy for the body.

A Unique Scent
Sophie’s Breath is described to have a very unique and pungent aroma that hits you as you open the bag. The taste of this weed strain generally offers a delicious blend of sweet berries, vanilla, and garlic. Some users report that the taste is almost like a slice of delicious garlic bread, while others notice the sweet berry fruit notes more dominantly.

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